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CUSTOM GIFTS: At Mrs. B's Gifthouse you can bring special items to include in your Gift Presentation, at no additional charge. You can personalize each order as you wish. Want to purchase a bottle of wine for that Pasta Presentation?  Go right ahead, Mrs. B's staff will gladly incorporate it into your gift. Everything is possible!

CORPORATE ORDERS: Mrs.B's Gifthouse wants you to be Front Row Centre! We will stop at nothing to exceed your expectations. Mrs. B. sources products from around the globe for our corporate clients. Our talented staff co-ordinate containers, colours, bows and ribbons to make any company proud. We can do custom printed ribbons, engraving, and of course add any paraphernalia that you may want to incorporate. We can do it all.

WEDDING FAVOURS: At Mrs.B's Gifthouse we offer a wide assortment of wedding favours. Let me warn you-we do very different things!!!! Four kids later they told us what THEY want! Just some ideas-

1-Fancy fancy decorative bottles filled with their favorite hot sauce, or salad dressing, or bread dipping oils.......

2- Baked goods such as, our famous Biscotti made special for YOU, like hummmmm, Bailey's Irish Cream infused Biscotti, or Bride and Groom Biscotti for everybody. Maybe some chocolate covered licorice any size you want! Try me-call to see what we can do for you!!

Oh YA, my personal favorite- pick a budget, tell me how many people, what is the ocassion, and when do you want it!!!! How's this sound- Mounds of assorted three inch biscotti. Add fresh baked macadamia cookies, double dark chocolate cookies, yogurt pretzells and finally sprinkled with an assortment of chocolate covered blueberry and cherry nuggets. Want to be top dog in the office? Check out our platters-call for pricing and details.

MOTHER PARKERS TEA AND COFFEE:  Mrs. B's Gifthouse is proud to have represented Mother Parkers and Higgins and Burke Tea and Coffee for over 20 years.  Please email us at angelo@mrsbsgifthouse.com  or call 905-634-6334 for information and ordering.